Foreground & Background

It’s all about perspective isn’t it. What you see, what you don’t.
One struggles for perspective come exam time. In a week an a half I will be getting a boat down to Tasmania. I’ll be driving back to Sydney over a 2 week period after that & I haven’t even really thought about it! I will get to shoot a cool wedding, camp in sub-zero temperatures, drive the great ocean road, visit my big sister, hang out with my nieces and nephew, but at the moment, it is all a background blur.
Exams, dear friends, take up the focus in my current frame. Only three this semester, but they are doozies. Thoughts, stresses, study and stuff, crowding the mind & stilling the imagination.
How do you get a right perspective? How do you keep both my present reality & those things coming in the future in focus? Maybe if those study plans at the beginning of the year had come to fruition, then right now would just be a little time of review.
It’s nice to dream of such things. In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the sharp focus that I have right now. Poring over God’s word, flicking through commentaries, and piling up notes! At least I know that in a week I’ll be done, and when the pen goes down, and the fog lifts up, the view is going to be awesome!
In the mean time, here is your discussion topic (and an opportunity for you “silent readers” to leave a comment). What is the future that you look forward to? What is it that feels obscured now, that you look forward to coming into clear focus? Thoughts both funny, philosophical, or theological are all accepted!


5 thoughts on “Foreground & Background

  1. Tim i like that analogy!
    Man, a lot seems out of focus right now, in terms of future that is. In the midst of the most crazy time of semester for me, having spent all day today filming instead of writing an essay, with a million things that need to be done, a million people i want to catch up with, and a million things i want to do, its all a blur.
    I therefore look forward to holidays (4 days to go), and I look forward to making the most of that available time – more photo taking, more reading, more drawing, more film watching, more coffees and chats with friends – and as you described so well, enjoying the view that comes with that.
    I could actually ramble on about this for ages but wont fill up this page too much…what i will say is that the future is never really in focus, and this i struggle with at times, until God reminds me yet again that He actually has entire control of that lens and has complete focus from the best perspective.Basically I look forward to a lot of things coming into clear focus, many of which may not actually do so until a lot later on…
    ok, sorry that was long…but i told u im in a blur at the moment!

  2. Wow…great question. And a good challenge too. Sometimes I’m tempted to wonder so much about the future and future plans that I forget about the present ministry opportunities that God has planned for me. Good reminder about keeping in focus.
    Hope exams go well!
    P.S. Nice pictures! I’m kinda working on a spirit of jealousy about your picture taking skills… 🙂

  3. hmmm, thought provoking~ perhaps i’ll have to return in the future in order to provide a worthy answer… my entire brain is too fogged right now. (especially since the past 4 weeks i have lived with making no choices for myself, and enjoying the directions i have recieved from ‘the leaders’) i’m going to need a bit of time to wirk through the current mungled state of my decisive thought patterns…
    i wish you the best w/ exams! i know you’ll do great- you have that drive and desire 🙂

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