Welcome to the crew…

Can I say how much I hate the word “Bling”!
Now I have to be careful. Most of my Antipodean friends would claim that I am a great user of North American affectations. They may even be right, but that doesn’t stop me frong cringing and bristling every time I hear jewelry referred to as such.
Were Silver or Gold to be sentient, I am pretty sure it would melt off the fingers of any such faux fashionistas and head posthaste to the earth, rich, sweet and real. Of course, that via the throat of its ex-owner (and I mean that in the “they are no longer with us” sense of the word “ex”).
Kirsty is not a “Bling” kind of girl.
Of course, I mean this in the best possible sense. She certainly has style and flair! But her elegance comes in a classic, effortless style that refuses such poxy, fleeting terms.
Kirty turned 30.
So this is a pic of Kirt showing off her latest birthday acquisitions.

I only just noticed the bandaid on the thumb. Possibly the result of an injury earned in the line of duty as a teacher. Always in the fray.
So, Friday night was Kirsty’s 30th. An awesome night, first and foremost because it is great to see such a cool chick with so many of her friends around, but equally awesome because it was a chance to catch up with a bunch of old friends.
From left to right, Ronnie, Geneveive, Me, Cate & Kirsty.
Four good friends from my school days were there. Ronnie, Jacqui , Geneveive and Cate. I hadn’t seen Ronnie in over a decade (and I have never spelled her name, only spoken it… so apologies if I got it wrong), and Jacq & Gen I don’t get to see as often as I would like, so that was awesome.
so there were many people ladies looking lovely, and with me knowing primarily chicks there, I looked quite like the ladies man, man’s man, man about town!
Scoring a little loving from the ladies
Of course I love catching up with my old friends!
Well there you go. It was a great way to finish of my holiday weeks. I told the girls that I would write about them & I’m not a liar (Jacq, how did you escape the group picture? You will get your own one soon).
So, Kirsty, Cate, Gen, Jacq, & Ronnie. True examples & class and style.
And no need for a single “Bling”
Pool 2
I love the “fisheye” style pool shots!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the crew…

  1. I hate ‘bling’ and I also hate ‘bling blings’, but I looove “bling bling”. And there are so many occasions where it fits, shannyn’s nose ring for example…

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