First and Second things

So, Kristin says that she misses the proper blogs, where I write more stuff. I have a couple of those in the pipes, but it is getting late tonight, so you are going to get a couple of fairly mindless things.
Firstly, again from a suggestion from Kristin, a guessing game! (This also comes from Mal’s various shots at this game!)
What am I? Even if you can’t be bothered reading the rest of the post, have a shot at the picture guessing.
So there you go.
Secondly, just for those who are curious, 60 seconds of what I am up to at the moment.
Studying: 1 Corinthians as I work on an essay.
Reading: Still working on my Balzac novel, but a weekend in the Hunter saw me start a book called “The Reader” by a German guy called Bernhard Schlink. An interesting novel about post WWII Germany & a war crimes trial… in a love story!!!
Listening: To the Cat Empire’s new CD & Bernard Fannings new CD.
Eating: a hamburger tonight that had a 500gram (that is a little over a pound!) meat pattie. I have to say that it was surprisingly average.
Seeing: Matty & Lisa Richmond, who deserve congrats for the birth of Willian Graem Miller Richmond last week!
Shooting: Pictures with Kirsty tomorrow afternoon!
sleeping… in about 5 minutes, God willing.


10 thoughts on “First and Second things

  1. hey tim, i reckon i know what it is,
    could it be the mighty two dollar aussie coin spinning on a tabletop? c’mon (lleyton style!)

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