Embracing the word (and a little competition)

It’s not a big one, but I think it doesn’t get used enough.
[An aside: I have enough of the bigger words with study at college. I got a small round of applause for correctly pronouncing my question “So is the Pseudepigrapha deuterocanonical”… OK, I will send you something nice if you can tell me what either of those words mean without looking it up!!!!)
It’s a shame. We feel it. We know it. It’s the flux baby! Everything is always changing.
Ask me what I am going to do in two years? It’s in a state of flux.
Ask me what I am going to be doing in two day? Dang flux..
My favourite subject? Flux
My next chance to hang out with the family? Starts with an “F”, ends with a “lux”
Do I like any girls at college or beyond? Flux
I kind of enjoy it all.
I guess such enjoyment lies in the security of God’s Sovereignty. If I am seeking to serve God in what I do & stuff like that, then I trust that He will sort these things out in his own good time. Of course, in the mean time, I am not absolved of my responsibility to prepare myself though all avalable avenues for His service, but I can also enjoy the ambiguity.
OK, ready for your next big word? If you are a study of theology, then it is less difficult… Here comes.
“Overrealised eschatology.”
It’s been preparing a sermon on 1 Corinthian’s 15 that has had me thinking about this. Our brothers in Corinth, Circa 70A.D. thought that this life was all they had. Some had given up on the idea of a resurrection. They thought God’s redemption & promised kingdom had come. What they had was what there was to have. Experience it now, enjoy it as you can, because it doesn’t last long.
[another big word… you could call them proto-gnostic]
They lost focus on the great truth. Christ was raised! He conquered death eternally & promises the same thing to those who trust in Him.
So, a year and a half into a degree, it is great to be reminded of a simple truth. Death has lost it’s victory, and death has lost its sting!
So, I suppose I am not really in that great a rush.
So lets enjoy that flux.
In other News:
If you have made it this far through my blog, then you deserve to be a part of my little competition. It seems other people have been enjoying playing “truth or dare” on their blogs. I enjoy the game & am always up for a bit of that if anyone is ever inclined to ask a question in the comments section, but I thought I might start up something more my style.
So here is the challenge.
Give me a subject.. That is, a subject that is doable for a College student who doesn’t have a lot of money or an inordinate amount of time, and I will have to take a picture over the following week that encaptulates the subject matter!
So there you go. Simple, clean and clear. Bring it on people!


9 thoughts on “Embracing the word (and a little competition)

  1. Hey Tim,
    cool post dude! Always interesting hearing some more thought from what you’ve been learning at college!
    I like the photographic challenge too my friend…heres a few words that came to mind: grace, power, and old school….and i too was gonna say how bout a pic of flux, but jt beat me to it…but there u go, looking forward to seeing what you capture!
    God bless,

  2. work out how you can trap the residents of trowel in their rooms for a morning. i’ve spoken to an oldschool smbc prankster so i know it’s possible…
    (photo evidence required)

  3. Hi Tim
    You’ve attributed my post to Chelsea and vice-versa!!!!
    I don’t whether to feel complimented or insulted!

  4. Hi again Tim.
    I know I’m a Kiwi but we’ll put it down to a middle-age mental moment – you can disregard my last comment. As Cherry so kindly pointed out to me – the byline is at the top of the post, not the bottom!!

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