Welcome to holidays

(Adam after a dip)
So we went down for a bit of a BBQ down in South Cronulla. Too much meat, not enough beer and just the right amount of good company! Colin & Cath, Adam, Amy, Megan & I.
So the holidays have arrived. I’m still getting work done, just none of it today! I went from BBQ to drinks at the CPH (Croydon Park Hotel) to dinner in Newtown to more drinks at the Marley with dudes from Moore College, and finally to hanging out in Chappo House at Moore.
Academically, yeah it was a waste. But dang it was fun!
Boys & BBQs
Boys & BBQs!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to holidays

  1. Sounds like a very good day!
    There is definately no need to do work everyday -days like this are what holidays are all about and need to be had! hehe
    And yes, i am finally on holidays too, so let me know when u are keen for some more fun!!
    Nice shots too Tim šŸ™‚

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