Shorts vs. Pants

The air just seems to have a longer memory when it is Autumn. The scent of flowers hangs forever. I could smell the chicken shop a block and a half away.
The walk down to the shops was a revelation. This, brothers and sisters, this is the best time of year! The sun seems to have been milked of its summer venom. Instead, the direct light wraps you in a grandma hug, while the shadows are cool and slow. They hold the threat of darker things to come, but for the moment it is peace, calm and comfort.
Pavement cool under foot. Bitumen remains unmelted. The options are everywhere. Walking on the grass, walking on the pavement, walking on the street, it’s all good cause everything’s sweet! Do I wear shorts or long pants? It doesn’t matter because everything is “yes” in Autumn!.
On the home front, the Doona (Comforter) has made its appearance, but it is still a matter of choice. The fan is staying off, but the heater isn’t yet on.My favourite t-shirt by day, my coolest jumper by night.
You can keep your stinging summers. pink skin & blistered asphalt toes have never appealed. The bleak gray winter need not apply either. For once, this once clear moment, to be middle-of-the-range is to be the best. To be average is to be on top!
So there you go. A day off from mission, some time off from worry. No expectations, no real concerns, Just some warm grass, a cool breeze, a Balzac novel (Second shot at “Old Goriot”) and a quiet heart.
Oh that Autumn lasted forever!


2 thoughts on “Shorts vs. Pants

  1. Oh how you have a way with words!
    Nice post dude!
    Although i’m not a huge fan of cold winters, I definately love autumn days like that! 🙂

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