Day Three

Day Three started with 3 Scripture lessons. They went really well!
Part of the afternoon was spent at the beach. Taking pictures of students surfing (at a teachers request). A fun afternoon. Here are a couple of the shots.
The Break
The wall.
When I survey
Surveying the scene


3 thoughts on “Day Three

  1. hehe While attempting not to boost your ego too much, I just have to say they are awesome shots Tim! Love them all! 🙂 Nice work!
    Hope all the mission stuff is going well!
    (Read Psalm 20 if u get the chance 🙂 )

  2. haha ditto that!! awesome shots! how are you like’n my local goldy?! canberra is freezing & i’m missing the beach 🙂 hehe did u get wet having a go dude?

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