College life

You know, we actually do sit around and talk about serious things at college. I have had chats about the conditionality of OT covenents, or questions regarding source criticism & the inevitable erosion of the value of the Canon if “JEDP” is accepted in its entirety. That said, it is not all serious stuff.
One of the sources of mental relief (though he is also a brother who challenges me in my faith & a guy I can get serious with) is my neighbour Adam. It’s nice to have mates at college who can give you a sense of perspective, or are good for a laugh with their skewed perspective.
Anyway, this blog is just a reason to show you Ads in full flight.
Welcome to the Gun show!!!
Working the Turkey
Adam flexes more than just his theological muscle at college. He calls his left arm “Hector Fernandez” and his right one “Franky Molloy”. You have to be careful if you ask for an introduction.
Of course, Adam is a very useful man. Not only does he drag me along (when I can be bothered) on his jogs, but he has been helping me “unleash the inner dragon”. Here is proof!

I know, I know. Don’t show this to kids, cause they may not be able to handle the fury!!!
The Dragon is out my friends!!!!


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