So this is my room

My Room
So here it is. My room.I have to say that it has a little less panache than that of Tubeo, but I would like to think I make up for it with my own quirky little touches. The Bobble Head Doll of Martin Luther is a personal favourite (You have to love Lutheran parishoners who like you enough to pick it up for you in the States), and he is in good company next to my M&M dispenser, the only one that remains out of my once-proud collection of over half a dozen!
Really, what ties my room together though is the books. Lots of books. I buy a lot of them, but I do try and use them too. A Wenham Commentary on Genesis, a short Biography of the oft-forgotten Melanchthon, who was a friend to both Luther & Zwingli. Spurgeon, Carson, Kidner, Morris, Moo, thousands upon thousands of hours of collected thought. How could you fail to be awed by the beauty of such things. Donald Millers musings about his every day, or 11 volumes of Berkouwer’s thoughts on Church Dogmatics, whether you hang on every word, or disagree with all that is said, it HAS been said & you can hold in your hands those collected thoughts & digest or critique as you see fit…
But I digress…
It’s a great room! Though girls have lived in it, no girl will be able to enter it during my stay here. One of the rules of college. So you chicks who read my site should consider this a coup of some sort (not sure which sort though).
So there you go. It is a simple dwelling, but it says some things about me. Miniature stein from Prague by the computer, picture of Glen Coe on the wall. A pepper mill, a guiness hat, camera gear, chocolate boxes, norman rockwell, filofax, listerine, printer, pictures, programmes and they are all mine. In fact, they are all me. Little paper/plastic/metal pieces of me.
(But the Winnie the Pooh bedsheets are a story for a different time….)


7 thoughts on “So this is my room

  1. hehe yes I admit one of the first things I noticed were the bed sheets – gotta love ’em! hehe
    Its always fun to see where you spend your time! – even if it will never be seen in the flesh, so to speak…
    hehe i like that thought – all little pieces of you! Very cool!
    Do tell me about the norman rockwell sometime too, im intrigued…

  2. GO THE POOH!!!….. hehe you just need a matching dona.. but you’re not getting mine… as for the room… been there done that.. it still looks the same as last year… however Ihave to ask.. are you standing in your cupboard or on a chair??
    as for the Moore comment… yeah I heard that they are quite liberal with the “anyone can rock up into the rooms”… wont get use to that one…

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