Eerie silence

Usually I get at least 20 or 30 junk mails a day. Sometimes I would get over 50! Today I have got maybe 5. There has been an eerie internet silence. No personal emails either!
Of course, I could only have myself to blame. I have wasted big chunks of time over the last couple of weeks, just playing around on email. I cleared my inbox the other night & then it has just remained clear. No excuse, no chance to stuff around.
So I have actually had a productive evening tonight. I have still found time for a little relaxation, but I have cranked through a lot of readings too!
Of course, I can’t say I live an exciting life at the moment. He works, he studies, he goes running. He has a quiet drink with some friends in the park. I have to say that I am happy with things. The beauty of college is that there are a thousand little moments in a day that make it exciting. tens, or maybe hundreds of little, medium or large conversations with people who are interesting and interested, hours that are both tiring and inspiring in lectures, and dorm-buddies who are there to drag me out for exercise, or undo it all with a beer.
I might get back to some reading. In the mean time, enjoy one of those little moments. “E” is a bit of a ladies man. He will be held by guys, but put him in the arms of a girl & he is all charm. He decided he wanted to kiss Prils. She was OK with that, but after 5 minutes, she was starting to get worn down….
Learn to kiss


4 thoughts on “Eerie silence

  1. hey tim,
    sorry to go through your webpage but i just wanted to check that it’s ok with you that i have a couple of your photos on mine from steph’s wedding (sort of trying to organise an online portfolio). because i thought it would be ok, they’re already up – but let me know if you want me to change this!
    hope college life is treating you well, embrace it all – always good to have more memories than less when you leave.
    in Him

  2. dude you know Jodi too?! haha you really do know everyone πŸ˜›
    hehe I love the sound of ‘there are a thousand little moments in a day that make it exciting’! Thats very cool! πŸ™‚

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