Long days and sleepy nights

Saturday was a pig of a day.
Don’t get me wrong now, it was great to be involved in Steph & Andre’s wedding, and I was almost happy with my photos, but I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep & I was doing wedding stuff for about 12 hours!
I limped back to my car after the bride, groom, and wedding party departed to the reception, then crawled along to Phil & Kristin’s place, cause Amy was up from Wagga! Despite my being wrecked, it is always rejuvinating to see my big sis (or Phil & Kristin, or Mum or Dad for that matter), and to have a free Indian meal thrown in was just icing on the cake!
The family get together was energising enough to see me drive home safely & then hit the bed for a good 8 hours!
Sunday was another great day. I was off to Church to have a staff lunch, which was awesome fun. I am truly blessed to work with so many fine people. We also had a meal together at evening church & that went great. If the staff are a blessing at church, then the parishioners are doubly so & the kids treble!
That night I was in bed by 10:45 & didn’t get up till just after 8am!!! A fine night sleeping to a big storm!
So here I am, another good day of college. Fun lectures, an afternoon jog with my next-door-neighbour cum personal trainer, a steak dinner, then “Prayer and Biff” with the boys at 9:30.
I’ve worked my way through the tiredness & now it’s back to good times!!!
Showing the 'tude
Steph (on the left) certainly has style! Anna too, is very cool…
Andre & Steph
Showing the ‘bling’, it’s the new wedding rings!


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