She says its called the "Allison Show"

“All Allison, all the time” she tells me.
Well, I’ve had “some” Allison, and only some of the time, but it has been good.
It’s circa 1995 (actually, it was exactly 1995, but I just love that word “circa”) and a young Allison & Tim go out for a brief while then kind of loose contact. She ends up moving to the US of A & marrying a nice guy called Jason, while he ends ups….. um….. well, let’s just say that he is still here in Sydney
She’s back, she’s in Australia for a couple of weeks, while she & Jason catch up with friends & family. Meanwhile, time is utilised in ensuring that we get to catch up too! Cocktails at “Orbit”, Lunch at “The Australian Hotel” and tonight was dinner at “The Great Northern”. Old friends & cold beers are a dynomite combination!
Kirsty drops in for a beer and a chat, Jason & I head to the BBQ to perform our masculine duty, and the James Squire Amber Ale heads south, past the lips & down toward a satisfied belly…
It was only a couple of drinks tonight, but that is all it takes. The last decade washes away and the bedrock of a good friendship remains.
Come Sunday she heads back to the frosty climes in upstate New York. “All Allison, all the time”. Sounds fun, but it looks like the series is getting cancelled.
Allison working hard at smiling naturally.
Jason & Allison
It’s been great to get to know Jason too.
Ten years on…


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