Getting the Rhythm..

I’m working hard to get a good Rhythm, though I have to say that there is so much to do that it is hard. You just feel like you are on top of one issue when you get assailed with the next. I’ve just spent the last hour looking at Source, Form & Literary Criticism, followed by older, fragmentary, supplamentary and new documentary hypotheses in regard to the Pentateuch (Or Hexateuch depending on where you fall in those post-enlightenment views).
I have to admit that I am excited and happy to find myself in a much better position cognitively to deal with these issues then I would have been last year. That said, I do find it tough to have to drop all of this mentally, so I can pick up my Sermon that I’m preparing for Sunday morning (8:45am Yikes! Titus 2:1-10), then be willing later this week to drop both of those so I can do a little work on my 3000 word essay due next week on the concept of ministers being “professionals”, then again, making space at some time for this Essay on some quote by a guy called Thistleton in regard to the Cross and Behaviour in 1 Corinthians.
Lots of stuff in the brain. Compartmentalisation taking place, and a hope (and prayer) that information, once swallowed, can be digested and retained rather than just excreted onto a page & handed in for credit points….
Thankfully, through the fog of all things theological, land is occasionally sighted. This takes form in the shape of good conversations with all kinds of fun people, daily runs (of varying distances) with Adam (Visit his page & leave a comment!), and the shining light that is youth group and Church!
I say with relative confidence that this year should prove to be one that is enjoyed in the present, not just in hindsight.
Here’s to being stretched, and here’s to getting the rhythm!
(And another special cheer to my dear brothers Matt, Craig , andJosh, and my sister Tania who are fighting the good fight at“that other college” .)


3 thoughts on “Getting the Rhythm..

  1. I like that attitude – “this year should prove to be one that is enjoyed in the present, not just in hindsight.”
    Thats one of my aims for this year too!
    Hope you do get the rhythm – i’m sure you will!
    Will be praying for you + all you need to do! 🙂

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