For all my talk of being willing to eat almost anything, chickens feet, haggis, a willingness to try dog, and an eagerness to try cat (or at least cook one), it took me a little over thirty years to eat an oyster. Well, that is not 100% true, I’d eaten two previously, but it was very much a matter of swallowing one at the same time as a bloody mary shooter & hoping that it didn’t slime a taste down my throat.
Yesterday, up at the Hunter Valley I got to broaden my horizons. I wouldn’t say I am in love with those little bad boys. They continue to look like little tumours to me and they feel like congealed oil, but they really don’t taste too bad. A large part of the enjoyment was just stretching my experience. Trying something new. I also at a Sardine, which again, wasn’t too bad. It makes you feel like you have progressed in some (admittedly insignificant) way.
I moved in the afternoon from enjoying on horizon to another. We sat out on the balcony, enjoyiing a glass of white wine watching the mother of all storms come rolling in. Rain, horizontal as it was whipped along by the wind, the thunder and lightnight provided an orchestral accompaniment and light show.
Above us God’s mastery of creation was demonstrated with brutal force, while on the horizon, light, blue sky and peace still reigned. It really was a beautiful sight!
So there you go. Judgement and Grace played out in nature.
The rain comes down.
Alert, but not alarmed
Tipsy the cat keeps a close eye as the tempest rages.
Rog and Buzzy enjoy the rain.


4 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. That really is a beautiful image you described there – God’s majesty of creation – awesome! Thank you!
    you know what comes to mind at that point?:
    “Lord Of all creation
    Of water, earth, and sky
    The heavens are Your tabernacle
    Glory to the Lord on high”
    Love the shot of the cat too! hehe

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