Making and Breaking

It’s all about habits.
I’m all for them. In fact, I am pretty sure they are the kind of things that I thrive off! Keys and wallet go in bowl. Phone on mantle every night, both socks then both shoes. The incidental ones are little things that I could almost become obsessive over!
Why are good habits so hard to start? I’m like an addict trying to give up the junk. My 6:30 wakeup call lasted for a sum total of 2 days. Two glorious days! Early up, get some reading done, go for a walk, have a shower, arrive at class pumped and ready for the day. You could have heaved an iron bar at my head and I would have caught, swallowed & spat back bullets!
But it didn’t last.
Even now, 11:30pm, typing away… That 8 hours sleep is slipping and the 7am alarm looks like it will be making friends with it’s snooze function tomorrow morning.
But it’s not all bad news. While not in the AM, the reading is happening. The sun’s rays look like they could pop over the horizon. I can do it, I can break the mold. Rebirth!
Well, let’s see how we go with day three…


One thought on “Making and Breaking

  1. I found myself asking the very same question about good habits the other day! My resolve to rise earlier & get some study in before work is still a work in progress much to my dismay…I think I may need to put my alarm clock on the other side of the room!!!

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