Matters of towel importance

In the dorm we had last year, when you opened your door it would unlock the locking mechanism on the inside. This is not the case at the new dorm.
… as I found out as I stood in my towel after a shower this morning.
God in his providence had one of the student reps, and his master key, walking by at the time.
Embarrassment avoided.


5 thoughts on “Matters of towel importance

  1. Hey dude, at least you had a towel and you weren’t doing the bundy like one of the guys that I used to live with at uni did, and he got locked out of his room.

  2. Timbo! This is Kara (chickii). Lily (whiz biz), Mom and I were just talking about you.
    Oddly enough it’s because I am going to a world market to find some of the candies you sent me years and years ago for my friend who’s in love with australia and australians. Mom said I should set you two up, Then we decided to see if we could find your website again, anyway. all of this craziness to say Hello! I hope you’re well and you should email me sometime!

  3. Now that sounds really familiar!! It used to be my job to open up doors for people who locked themselves out. 🙂 I’m so glad I’m teaching now!

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