Little Paper Friends

Again, I find myself making an appearance at an ungodly hour. OK, so it is only 1am, but I am up early tomorrow!
Truly the new year has arrived! I’m into college, my room is set up, my books have their place on the wall & I am feeling good about things.
Only 4 new single residential guys. 20 of us in total, and we all seem to get on pretty well. This afternoon it was down to Maroubra beach to play tip football, chat, then eat entirely too much meat. This of course, was followed up with a slightly convoluted drive home (when Dan knows you are following him, he is more than happy to let himself get lost & then see if anyone can work their way home at all!) followed by a viewing on “Anchor Man” with all the boys. First viewing in Kansas City, USA = fairly funny. Second viewing with a mate of mine in Sydney= a little better, thirsd viewing with 19 other guys who have been quoting it for half the day= freaking hilarious!!!
Other bits & pieces are going OK too. I am really looking forward to the beginning of youth group on Friday night. We have Tania, the new student minister starting and she is prooving to be a lot of fun, and it will be awesome to catch up with all the kids! I’m loving the iTunes store at the moment, listening to Gorillaz “Dirty Harry”, St Petersburg Kirov Orchestra’s “Nutcracker Suit” and Berliner Philharmoniker’s “Brandenburg Concerto No.1”. I have to say I am loving a bit of classical music at the moment. I find it really good stuff to read or study to, which is strange, cause I usually can’t listen to music and work at the same time.
Michaela and probably Tubeo will probably be happy with some of my reading at the moment, as a cruise through “Blue like Jazz”. It isn’t in my top 5, or even my top 10 for that matter, but it is a fairly interesting read & a nice piece of relaxation before study starts in earnest.
Hmmm, what other news?
I managed to score the duty at college (We all have duties that we do for 2 hours a week to keep the costs of college down) of “College Photographer” so I that I don’t consider work! That always rocks!
So that’s it, the new year has begun. New dorm, new discipline and new perspective! It’s going to be good days!
Oh, and lest I forget, Allison, my good friend and ex-pat living in New York is in Australia for a couple of weeks, so tomorrow night equals cocktails at the Orbit bar 47 stories above Sydney! It IS exciting times!
Back to the books
Back to the books baby! How I have missed my little paper lovlies!
Fashion certainly has it’s place in the new Wallace dorm, and this year fashion means wet/dry bags acting as hats! Dan-the-man carries it off!
Would you have this look if you were living in the room next to me for the year? Maybe we will take another shot come December?


5 thoughts on “Little Paper Friends

  1. “You’re so wise! You’re like a minature buddha!”
    Glad its all starting off well and looking good dude! And college photographer – nice one!
    Say hi to Tan for me 🙂 And treat her well! 😛

  2. Congrats on being College Photographer! You guys sound like you’re having a blast already…good times eh despite the scary fashion coming out of Wallace!! 🙂

  3. College Photographer!!! What are they thinking…. Looking forward to seeing some awesome shots now that you are officially allowed to take your camera everywhere you go! WEll done.

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