I got tagged!

It is fairly rare that I take part in these “things I love” memes, but I got referred it at Lanna’s blog, so I feel duty bound! I just love the fact that someone I have never met might read my site & actually put a link to me on her page! Small world & all that Jazz. Here we go.
And it continues…
The 4 things meme was given to me by Ken who got it from Shua and will now be continued through me. Yay.
Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Fast food dude at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut & one of only two Fuddruckers restaurants that ever graced Australia’s shored.
2: Programmes director in Outdoor education.
3: Customer Service Rep for EBSCO the Serials agent.
4: Student Youth Minister for Dural Anglican Church
Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. O Brother Where Art Thou?
2: Band of Brothers Series.
3: “The Office” — The original British version
4: Pulp Fiction
Four places that I’ve lived:
1. Sydney Australia
2. Wellington in New Zealand
3: Edinburgh, Scotland
4. Mangrove Mountain, Australia
Four TV shows that I love:
Sorry dudes, I don’t really watch enough TV. I could maybe go.
1: Super 14’s Rugby
2: Australia V anyone Rugby
3: Australia V anyone in Cricket & that is about it…
Four places I’ve vacationed:
1. Throughout New Zealand
2: THroughout the USA
3: Throughout Scotland
4: Throughout Europe
Four of my favorite dishes:
1. Amy’s “Porcetta” (sp? a herb encrusted pork neck)
2: Mum’s Pork Loin on garlic Mash
3: Pesto Chicken
4: Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon!
Four sites I visit daily:
1. Flickr
2. Homestarrunner.com (living in hope of the latest post)
3. smh.com.au
Four places I would rather be right now:
On the whole I am pretty dang happy where I am, but I guess I could go for.
1: Anywhere in the Scottish Highlands
2: Rome
3: New York City
4: The Andes
Four bloggers I am tagging so that they will hate me:
I’ll be twice as buzzed if any of these dudes respond!
1. Meg
2. Kristin or Phil
4. Schnitzel


6 thoughts on “I got tagged!

  1. phw. you guys obviously don’t read my site. I tagged both you over five days ago…
    (pulls the plug out of the server hosting your websites…)

  2. Well, I couldn’t very well leave you feeling left out now could I? Besides, a four things meme was bound to be more interesting from someone half way around the world.

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