Exciting and new

OK, so there isn’t a great deal of things that are happening that are either exciting or new…
I’ve been house sitting for the week at Dave’s house in Kenthurst. Its been nice to have very little to do & to just relax a little. I finished “The Grapes of Wrath” and did some reading for the intensive subject that I do on the first week of college. In fact, I have had so much time that last night I even did an assignment for that subject! That bad boy has to be at least two weeks early!
I did have a fairly exciting Saturday last week, when I shot Cam & Louise’s wedding. It was the first wedding that I did all by myself & I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it at all! It is just stressful & you never know how things are going to turn out. I have a couple more weddings to do & then I think I may retire from this profession, unless I can secure a great assistant who can make me look good….
One little frustration has been that I have a great signal from my hosts wifi computer, but it wont actually connect to the net, so unfortunately, I am without the ability to upload any photos or anything for you all.
OK, if you hadn’t guessed from this entry so far, I appear to be without any real direction and devoid of inspiration, so I might get back to doing some readings. 1 1/2 more hours & we have Shannyn’s celebration dinner, as she finishes up work as a DT & waits to start at St Jude’s as an MTS worker! Happy days ahead.


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