And finallly

OK, so I know a lot of people have been waiting for some wedding pics from Tim & Christy’s. Well they are finally here!
I was ready to post them the other day, but my computer decided to play silly buggers.
Nooky time!
“The Money Shot”. It was a long time coming, so they got stuck into this kiss!!!
Happy days!
The look of love. It’s in his eyes…
The Crew
The crew. Jacq, Prillz, Jodes, and Trace, each looking lovely at the wedding. Pick which one was the bridesmaid?


9 thoughts on “And finallly

  1. Awesome photos Tim!!(especially the top one it’s even better than the one the official photographer took!) Looking forward to seeing more

  2. I went suit-fitting today for my bro’s wedding. Am I the only one who doesn’t look at that stuff on the actual day?! These photos look awesome, but I couldn’t tell you what sort of suits they’re wearing or how expensive the bridesmaide’s dresses are. The photos just look awesome cos of the people in them. Then again, that’s not such a bad thing.
    (Points to the photographer as well).

  3. Tim,
    Finally, I’ve got access to the net and time to browse (if only for a moment – Another sermon awaits here in Ballina) Love the photos. Mine are all snapshots in comparison. See you anon.
    Dave K.

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