Wasting Time

Baby, I am BACK!!!!
I finally got the problems solved with connecting to the internet here at Dave’s so I am back in business at timgoldsmith.com!!!
OK, now the only problem might be that I have very little to write about, cause I am on holidays & that means achieving very little. This, of course, has been aided by my good mate Craig Geeve, who was so kind as to arrange to get me a second hand Playstation 2. Of course, couple this with a free copy of John Madden (American Football) 2004, and a VERY cheap EA Sports Rugby 2005 & my abundant spare time is very much less….. abundant!
Otherwise, things really are fairly slow. Doing a little reading, and some prep for first term youth group, watching a lot of cricket and too much tennis, and eating too many chocolate bullets!
I guess I will give you a picture or two to look at (more at Flickr) and go to bed so I can dream up something more interesting to fill in your precious internet minutes!
The touch
“Touching the Void”
The 'Rents
Mum & Rog, powering through the afternoon on Christmas day…
T & J
“Always with the ladies!” You always have to make sure there is at least one good looking person in the photo!


6 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. hehe here is my nice comment…. ummm your niece is sooooooooooooo cute (not sure if we can use names on here… so have left it out)

  2. (You got so much mojo, I got so much jealousy…)
    Love your work as always.
    Oh, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I like the photo of your Mum and Rog. They’ve got so much character in their faces, and the whole B & W bit, it rocks I reckon.

  3. Its always good to relax before the crazy semester starts again! I know thats what i plan to do this week for sure!
    But if you’re looking for someone else to waste some more time with, you know where to find me!
    I have to agree with Josh, that pic of your mum and Rog is really good! The composition, the character, the b+w….Nice one dude!

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