Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my dear readers!!!
So far my Christmas has been OK. I went to three Church services tonight, at 5pm, 7pm, then 10:30, and I preached at the last one. Thanks to all those who prayed for me during my preparation & stuff. It went pretty well I though, and I was encouraged by some positive feedback afterward, as well as really enjoying the experience myself during the sermon (always a good sign)
I love getting presents from my youth kids & their families at Christmas, not because they give good presents (though they often do), but because it is great to know that the kids have thought of you and want to express their appreciation. I have enough chocolate to make sure I can get out of bed & make it to the 9:30am service at church tomorrow on what is going to be an absolute minimum of sleep.
Speaking of which, I might head in that direction.
Here is another couple of pictures for you to enjoy from NZ.
The view at 8am on the lake at Glenorchy.
The nectar
Sipping the amber nectar! We tried a number of beers throughout NZ (in moderation), of which Speights was one of the best.
The road goes ever on and on
On and On…. It was a twisty, but lovely road from Wanaka to Cooktown. This was at the top of a very dangerous looking hill!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Tim, awesome to hear that you are preaching God’s word… will catch one of your sermons one day… words of advice “Don’t eat too much chocolate, we might not recognise you next year… but instead save it for all those NT and OT lectures that we will have next year ;).. I’ve got my stash ready”
    Hope to see more of your photos soon… I LOVE the last one… very artistic…

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