The Boxing day

It’s twenty past one in the morning, the dead of night. There is no moon, which suits be just fine, cause it means that the multitude of country stars are that much more visible. I find myself out on the pebbles of the rose garden contemplating. I’m not thinking anything that deep. There is no great profundity to be found here. It is just he cliche of another bloke out late at night trying to fathom the distance between himself and the stars. One of the stars, all of the stars, it boggles the mind!
I love my city life. I like being close to shops. I love being close to all kinds of restaurants, and I adore being close to all of my friendy
Why do these pin pricks of light play such an important role? There are a million light to be found in the city. A thousand differerent colours! standard, halogen, neon, all burning bright and shining 24 hours a day, yet somehow these tiny little dots speak to me in a way that no city can.
It’s distance, it’s time. It is realising that the light that is only a minute flicker in your eye is a gigantic ball of flame, mayby burning still, maybe dead for centuries, millenia… It is as close to infinite as I will ever be able to grasp.
Yet God made it all.
The farthest reaches of space. The greatest and the furthest of stars!
This same God sent his son. Jesus, the name which means saviour. Immanuel, “God with Us”, creator of all that is seen, and all that remains unseen, yet he came down as man.
The life we couldn’t live, the death we deserved to die.
Again, there is no profound thought to be had in this consideration. At such a time, all one can do is boggle. Boggle at the enormity of something that the human mind in unable to fathom. Yet one thing I understand. The God that cast the stars into space. I know that he loves me.
And that is more than enough.


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