Back in the Swing

Once I removed 49 GIG of photos from my computer it was running much better! Of course, now I need to go & sort over 6000 photos… dang… that is going to take a while…
It’s good to be back. I stopped at church on Sunday night, though I was too late for the service. I still got to catch up with Shannyn & Geever for their birthdays, hung out at Burger King with a bunch of kids & played football (American) out on the grass infront of the BK. Good times!
Since then, it is hanging at church doing a little work & hanging at my Brother & Sis-in-Law’s place. Also good times thanks to a wee little one called Charlotte. Ahhh, sweet quality time!
OK, here are a couple of pics from NZ. The parade begins!
Waking View
I wish I could give you a 360 degree pic of this. This is the view you want when you wake, having parked randomly in the middle of nowhere. Good choice!
Devils Punchbowl Falls
The Devil’s Punchbowl in Arthurs Pass. Very cool. I was tired after the half hour walk to this place, which worried me, though it turned out that the fact that I had 3 hours sleep the night before had something to do with it.
Looking down the ice
All that ice & me with no cocktail to have with it!
The Boys
Left to right, Steve, Dave, Matt & I. Good times on the ice, though, we should have just worn t-shirts & shorts. Oh well, better safe than sorry…


8 thoughts on “Back in the Swing

  1. Yey photos…they look great thanks in part to the beautiful Sth Island,landscape (guess I’m a little bias!)…am looking forward to seeing more…btw am resorting to bribery now as I need to ask you a favour, so if you can email me your email address there may well be a Parnell (Akld) Chocolate Shop treat winging your way on 12 January 06!

  2. AWESOME photos.. bummer we missed the south island.. well if we find another kiwi to get married.. who knows where we will be next year hehehe Brisbane???
    Hey Bonnette.. You can always send me Chocolates.. I will happily help you smile Jacq

  3. hey jacq,
    yes all you guys definitely need to come back to NZ!!! i’m hoping to maybe get across in April (Lord willing)…I found your blog and left you a comment(msg)! Talk to you soon 🙂

  4. hey bon… thanks for the message… i got it and I seem to have replied sooner than Tim… we can always just have a conversation on Tim’s blog instead 😉 thanks Tim…. hehehehe

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