What you want & what you do

I’ve got some ideas for things I would love to blog about. Of course, it is only natural that I be thinking of things I want to blog about when I don’t actually have any real time to write anything. It takes time to fashhion something worth while & time is a scarce commodity at the moment.
I am looking forward to the 22nd of Nov. with great anticipation!
In the mean time, I have been burning the candle at both ends as I fit in study, social stuff and work. Friday night was spent at Youth Group (as usual) but, rather than drive home, I ended up having beers with Kirsty at my fave pub (The Great Northern). Having walked her home, I fully intended to head home myself, before she pulled out the trump card (also known as “Batmaan Begins”, a movie I had not yet seen had been told I had to see).
3:30am, get back home. Not the ideal move to promote a big study day the next day.
Today was Youth Church (great kids) and then study during the day, though I ended up snoozing for an hour on the floor in the office. The sermon was a good one tonight, on 1 Cor 14, and the night was topped off with the return of Shannyn from NZ.
OK, so an early nights sleep to start of my final week of lectures for the year. It sounded like a great idea, but I had to get ready for a test on Psalms tomorrow, then I remembered that I am leading the prayer group for the Persecuted church tomorrow morning too! So here I am again. 12:54… back on the blog trying to unwind a little before I score 6 or 7 hours of sleep & get up ready for another long day tomorrow.
One weird thing is that I am loving it. Loving it all!


5 thoughts on “What you want & what you do

  1. You make the return of Shannyn from New Zealand sound like “Return of the King”. So you realise that your just going to have to deal with some LOTR comparisons for the next few weeks right?

  2. I apologize for using this space, but are you the same Tim Goldsmith who has posted on the “coldwarcomms” Yahoo group?

  3. I’m so glad that you are anticipating my 30th birthday on the 22nd of November!! P.S.–Thanks for the box of goodies. I can never get enough Milo cereal.

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