Good ideas and bad ideas

I offered to fill in for Daz Man, teaching scripture to his 6th grade kids for the last term. It was a good idea! I love getting to chat to the kids & it is great to be in a classroom & stuff. Getting kids to think abou things & building relationships and all that Jazz. The class starts at 9:30 on Friday morning, so that means I have to get up at like 7:30 if I am going to get out there in plenty of time & get my game-face on. There goes my sleep-in day during the week. Sometimes good ideas can also be bad ideas.
Case in point
I got a message from Kirsty yesterday asking if I wanted to go see a movie that night. Of course, I had youth group, so I had to say no, but I might be free afterwards (a good idea to let people know that you are actually keen to hang out with them). Of course, then she texts me back & says that is great. We can go for a late beer & then watch a DVD at her place!
Catching up with Kirt? Great idea. She is a champ & we get on like a house on fire. Watchinig movies that start at about 12:30, meaning you get home at 3:30… bad idea when Saturday is a study day.
So it is up at 11am, then spending a little time chatting on MSN, and here I sit, now, ready to get some work done.
But it is sunny and warm outside, on nice days like this, even an awesome thing like studying the subject you love most can seem like a bad idea…


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