Thriving Business

I guess I am glad that I have something to give. I am starting to acccept more that people ask for my help because they actually like the finished product, not just because I have tbe best tools for it.
4 different jobs today alone. I start thinking I could charge for this & I might make a little extra college-cash. A rare thing, but also a tough one, cause most of the guys here are poorer than I am by a fair whack.
You know, I still enjoy taking photos and I think I am coming to enjoy it more and more the more I do it. I think I should give up trying to explain the appeal of it anyway. It’s just one of those things that makes sense to me.
Of course, I am aware of my limitations. I only have to look at and I can see a hundred people who are better than me. Who capture that moment, find that angle, flip that perspective…. but it really doesn’t have to matter that much. In the world of SMBC I am loved an appreciated. two different people in the US told me that they were going to buy frames for pictures I sent them in the mail. Several missionaries use my portraits on their support brochures & I was stoked that two of my good friends wanted to use my pictures for their wedding invite!
I think I may have quoted Eric Liddel before. I think I need to make his most famous quote a little mantra to bring me back to reality. I should be so thankful that others appreciate what I do. That I can be a service to them is a great thing, so I should be willing to give it freely, and after all, “When I am running, I feel His pleasure”..
“L”, one of my little photo projects today. It’s great that his parents came back and asked me to take some more pics for them, 6 months down the track.


3 thoughts on “Thriving Business

  1. Your pictures are framed and hanging in my home. I love them! And everytime someone comes over I get to show them off and brag about how talented my friend Tim is!

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