Kicking back

Kicking Back
Above, you have the pictorial representation of my day.
Actually, that is not entirely true. The Lion’s share of the day was taken up with driving to and from Gosford, reading stuff for an essay & walking up & down valleys to get to waterfalls & other such stuff. So when not doing the above, I managed to do a fair bit of…. the even further above.
It is always good when you get to go take pictures with another photographer. You see the angles they look at & it challenges you to find some new angle. You have an idea & then they build on it. It is a symbiotic thing. It is great. It is particularly good with people like Tom, cause this dude takes a pretty dang good photo!
So, it was a great day, but I am underwhelmed with the pics as a whole. I don’t know if I am getting worse at photography, or just fussier. What a worry!
Anywho, 12:13 in the am, LOTS more work to do tomorrow & a bed that is only 3 feet away… Is this post going to get any longer? You do the math!


6 thoughts on “Kicking back

  1. Nice pic. I’m in N.Z. dude!!! Feels strange but good. Looking 4ward to catching up when I come back to college.
    P.S. Let the record show that I have officially commented on your blog!

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