Dude, he's your brother

Beauty and depth
So, I was thinking this evening that maybe my brother would have made an attractive woman. After all, Charlotte does look a fair bit like him, and she is a total cutie! Maybe he missed his calling? Well, he’s a good guy anyway, and Kristin seems to like him, so maybe he has done OK as-is.
Yeah, I have been in a writing kind of mood, but I think I should use my artistic feelings to fuel good essays, so this bad boy is going to get cut short.
Tomorrow day is going to be spent, in part, shooting pictures with Tom Carlos up in Gosford. Finally a chance to catch up with him. Should be cool. Then it is back for an exciting night of essay writing on the “Colossian Heresy”. Also fun in its own way.
Photo shooting tomorrow means I should also be able to have my third day in a row of posting on the site! Lucky you!
Lucky who?
Like my mate Chris, I can’t help but wonder who actually reads my site.
Go on, be adventurous, leave a comment. Make my day!
Cheeky little monkeys!


12 thoughts on “Dude, he's your brother

  1. Now Tim, firstly, that is such a cute picture – she is so gorgeous!
    Secondly, surely you should know your site is well loved!?! But i so know where you are coming from, so i thought id leave you a comment and let you know that i am always dropping in here and enjoy each post! Hey, there was great anticipation when you didnt post for a week or so! haha
    P.S. Look forward to when we finally get our day of photo shooting too

  2. Hi Tim, I read your posts and love your photos. If you’re freaked out by a total stranger looking at your blog, you can blame Jess Comp. she put me onto it. :o)
    My brothers would have been weird as women…

  3. Dude, don’t even go there, your blog has more comments than any other I read. And I think that you get about 3 times as many comments as me, maybe 4. Besides it’s not about the comments, its baout the artistic nature of the blog 😛

  4. Well personally, I’m rather pleased Philip isn’t a woman… it would have made for some rather odd and difficult circumstances!!
    I read your blog. Always. Just a bad commenter.

  5. Although I missed out on blog reading over the European summer, I am back to more regular reading now! A great photo and a great subject -as always!

  6. I like your photos. I even contributed to one once.
    I think thinking of your brother as an attactive woman is a bit sick.
    As Kristin said, you get a LOT of blog comments, don’t complain.
    Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper would make anyone very sick. Don’t even suggest it.

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