2 Billion people can't be wrong can they?

I love a multicultural country and I love a multicultural college!
Jacqui asked me what I was doing for lunch today & I said that I could be up for going somewhere quick. When 1pm rolled around, we found that we had a group of 4 (Prilz and Mike joined the gang), so we decided to head to Burwood for some Yum Cha!
OK, I love Chinese food to start with, and Yum Cha is the coolest, cause you never know what is in half the little dishes that the people bring around, but the coolest of all is going to Yum Cha with two people who speak Cantonese! Jacq and Prilz had the downlow on everything, so we avoided the “traps for young players”, (also known as Spring rolls… “Such an Anglo-Chinese thing” I was told) and got to get down to the real deal!
One of my lifes goals was achieved when I got to try Chickens Feet! OK, so most peoples goals revolve around fulfilling careers, kids and making the first million, while mine rotate around edible avian appendages. Some might think that a little weak, but I think it is important! I like the thought that I can give just about anything a try. The concept of eating chook-foot is alien to my sensibilities, so if I can ignore that, then that is a powerful thing. a) Why let my western view control me, and b) how could 2 billion Chinese be wrong?
As it turns out, I don’t particularly like the taste of Chickens feet, mainly because I don’t really like meat off the bone & they are pretty much all bone & gristle!
The lunch was superb, and the afternoon was made when Jacq generously shouted us, then Prilz bought us all an egg-custard tart for desert (Mum, if you are reading, I know you are jealous now, even if you weren’t at the thought of chook-foot.).
Otherwise, there is very little to report. I have tried to keep myself locked in my room doing essay stuff & prep for a sermon on Sunday, and I have occasionally strayed to the closest TV to see Australia V. The Rest of the World team in Cricket.
OK, back to work….


5 thoughts on “2 Billion people can't be wrong can they?

  1. It only took 8 months, 1 week and 2 days.. but she finally made the Blog.. Hi-5 for JC.. love ya work Timmy G

  2. Which bit would your mum be jealous about? 2 girls generously shouting or the company of 2 gorgeous girls?? wink,wink

  3. Chickens feet. I just couldn’t do it. I’ll eat any veegie you put before me but meat is a whole other story….no bones or fat please.

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