Cunning Plans

Making them is so much easier than keeping them.
I am always making plans for what to do with my time, but that time always appears shorter than it looked. Like the playground from your youth that you go back to visit at twenty. That giant slide is in fact 2 meters long and the mountains of time I had to study, writer, take pictures and make plans, turned out to be hours that flittered away quickly into nothingness.
Well, the pressure is now on. Of course, I wont be feeling it tomorrow, cause I will be wearing a suit & smiling for photos at N8’s wedding! One day of smiles, joy, prayers & a drink to two too! Then, reality, like a sledgehammer will hit back.
Essays, Greek study, Talks for an upcoming camp, and my confirmation on Sunday night! These things take time. I know I’ll have to find that time. Somewhere…


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