Sound tracks of our lives…

Do you ever stop to think how music has swept its way into every corner of the modern life?
Wake to the Clock radio, turn your second radio on while you have breakfast. The iPod comes out for the train ride to work, unless you are lucky enough to drive to work, where you get to just crank out the car stereo instead! We find some online station to listen to at work (making the most of out broadband connection) then iPod it home, before sitting back & having a glass of wine as we listen to something to sooth us after a long day at work.
If you are my 1 year old niece, you also get baby tunes to help you go to sleep.
Has it always been this way? Surely not. Recorded music is not that old! What did people do before iPods, walkmans, or (heaven forbid) car stereos?
I was thinking. Is this the effect of movies on the modern mind? Are we so used to songs that are there to evoke emotion in the central themes of our favourite movies that we feel we need the same to act as markers in our own lives.
Music is no less important to Church goers. Singing is an important part of what believers do as they come together to celebrate life in Christ. That said, we all to often seem to separate our “music life” from our church music. What we sing on Sunday night is rarely what we listen to and hum along with on Monday-Friday.
This is why is was so awesome to have Revive to play at Church on both Friday night (youth group) and Sunday (church). It doesn’t hurt that I am mates with Dave & Ty (and totally dig Rich and Mike). They are also a totally rockin’ band & a bunch of awesome dudes. It is great to see heart-felt Christian lyrics mixed with hard-core guitar licks that can be enjoyed by Christians & non-Christians alike.
In the sound track of life, they are finally playing my song!
Crankin' it
Rock Rock on!
Massive air!
Mike launches more than just drum solos! Don’t tell my ministers son about the trike abuse though…


4 thoughts on “Sound tracks of our lives…

  1. I remember car trips from Sydney to Canberra and the occasional one to Melbounre with NO RADIO NO TAPES NO CD’s.
    We sang we talked we slept we looked and like all good kids we got BORED!!!
    My kids now get to watch DVD’s in the car!!!!

  2. That is so true! Even as I read that i had turned on Third Day, not able to sit here without music! Its amazing how big a part music plays in our lives! But I wouldnt go without it!
    Thats a classic pic of Mike! haha Captures him so well!

  3. Ok I wont tell you what I am downloading now cause you will just cringe, personally I can’t live with out music and I know exactly why and where that started, maybe I will tell you sometime 😉

  4. Excellent observation! It’s amazing how you associate certain songs with certain people/moments in life. Music, like smell, does play a powerful roll in our memories. We all have our own theme songs!

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