One down…

It's in the eyes
It’s all in the eyes.
Yeah, I am a little tired.
Saturday started at about 7am. A lift to the train station, then I train to Epping saw me rock up to N8’s at about 9:30 (after stopping by coles to pick up a pair of black socks) for breakfast.
Breakfast in general is a cool thing, though I am rarely awake to appreciate it. Breakfast on this particular morning was very cool! The last breakfast of one single man. This single man just enjoyed lots of fresh fruit, a couple of croissants and a lot of fresh OJ.
We were ready ahead of time, so when the photographer popped in, we were all out the back playing a bit of cricket. OK, when the camera guy decides that cricket photos would be cool, that is OK. When said photographer decides that Tim should go for some diving catching cause it would be dramatic, that is also cool. When the aforementioned dives mean that Tim is itchy from the grass for the next hour or so, that ain’t so cool. Oh, how we suffer for the art… It was fun to watch a pro-photographer doing his thing. I look forward to seeng the results!
Food was a big thing on Saturday. Our preparation in the morning was framed by the breakfast in the morning, then awesome chicken sandwiches for lunch. Mr & Mrs Mcelveney’s stock is on the rise with meals like that! I’ll have to invent new reasons to visit them now that N8 will be living out of home with Amy.
What to say about the wedding service itself?
Nerves in general at time of impact? fairly negligiblel. Emotions induced by arrival of the bride at the door? Many. The sermon-Top Notch, Bridesmaids-Ravishing, The comfort level of my classy Wingtipped shoes- Absolutely none! The only downside to the service was not being able to sit down & not being able to feel me feet by about the second song. OK, so I now have a greater appreciation of what girls go through with shoes…
Next came afternoon tea in the park. A chance to mingle, receive compliments for my shoes (Dang, what can I say? I love em!) and eat more top notch food. It was a short stop though, cause we needed to hop in the Bentleys & drive to our photo spot for some weddinig pics. That too went well, with the only hiccup being Tim’s consistantly average leg, which slipped on a bit of rock, ending in a ripped sock & cut ankle. Thankfully, I can’t even feel that section of my ankle, so that made it much easier to deal with.
Are you still here? I applaud your patience in reading. Believe me, you are getting the distilled version of the day, but I appreciate that it is still pretty long. Hang tough dude, you’ll be at the end soon.
The reception. Again, food. Again, top quality. A glass of two of Red, Two, count them TWO great deserts (Again, thanks to Kirsty) and a maximum of three minutes enduring the dancefloor made the evening great!
So 11pm Rolls around. N8 & Amy make their exit & I am not far behind them. C8 & Dan give me a lift to a station & I catch a train to Burwood & then walk back to College. Lets just say that my feet were a little worse for wear by the time I got home. Only 6 hours to sleep! And Sunday was the day I was getting confirmed!
But that is another story…


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