Them thar hills…

I almost duplicated a previous post’s title, going for “Busy Daze” again. Well it is accurate. It is all hands on deck at the moment, with a couple of essays due soon, a wedding in a couple of weeks, two band nights in the next couple of days that I have to organise & now the possibility of speaking on a camp in 3 1/2 weeks time! Crikey! I might have to make more use of those oh-so-valuable hours between midnight and 8am which are currently going to waste!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everything else is going ok. Keeping busy means that I keep out of too much trouble. All the current stuff on my plate keeps me from thinking too far ahead about travel to NZ & stuff like that. I will need to pull my finger out though, if I intend to have a 30th birthday party or something though…
OK, time to get back to the slog.
The joys of college life!


11 thoughts on “Them thar hills…

  1. Yey for travel to NZ! Hope you to experience the beauty of the Sth Island in particular & of course a big highlight a certain wedding on Dec 17th! See you there! Bonnette

  2. See you can’t call me a nerd anymore! There are other people that want to go to NZ cause of LOTR. I will scope out all the best places for you.

  3. Coqui, Shannyn. You two know I don’t think you are dorks. Slightly strange, but not dorks….
    NZ is the Bomb, I am an old-school LOTR fan (not one of these movie coat-tail riders), but that doesn’t mean I would go to NZ just for LOTR. That said, I guess it is a good excuse.

  4. Coqui, you are a very cool chick. You know I have been a fan for some time, but neither you nor I can have any real claim to being anything less than a little strange…
    Think about it, embrace it, learn to love it. It’s what makes your heartbeat sound different to all those others!
    Shannyn, your not off the hook either!

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