Why my quad hurts…

It has been a pattern for almost all of my years (30 of them in November). I have a thing about being on time. I tend to get to most places early if I can. Most other people don’t have this issue. I start to worry that I got the time wrong, the day wrong, or the fact that these people wanted to see me wrong, about 1 minute after the time people were supposed to arrive & it sits there, buzzing quietly in the back of my head until they arrive.
Thankfully, I only had this feeling for maybe 5 minutes before N8 turned up at the front of Luna Park for his Bucks day.
The numbers wavered between 8 at the beginning & somewhere around 20 at some point. The ages varied from Luke (at 7, definately the youngest) and Mr McElveney (who is old enough to be a Grandpa,that’s all I know). It’s a theme park, we’re predominately 20-something guys looking for an exciting day. We had one!
The highlight, as it should be, was just spending a great day with N8 & seeing him happy as he had mates from all differen parts of his life together. After that, some highlights included the following.
1: There was a smooth disc shaped thing, kind of like a merry-go-round, but with nothing to hold onto when you are on it. It spins around & the last person on it wins. OK. Simple concept, UNBELIEVABLE fun when you have a dozen guys on it. When we arrived in this part of the park, it was purely the domain of the 1-5 year olds. When we left, there was all kinds of adult groups battling it out for “king of the hill” supremacy.
2: Roller coasters are always fun. The “Wild Mouse” is no exception, even if it is a slower, less dangerous ride. What makes is the most fun though, is knowing that there is a camera at one of the dips & then convincing everyone that they should try & get the funniest picture possible as you come through that section.
It all started with me taking a picture of the camera with my own camera, then things started to escalate & really get imaginative. Over the next 15 minutes we had people pretending to be asleep, making all kinds of weird faces & firing out “shooter McGavins” and the like. I was the second last to ride it & as I walked down the off-ramp to the photo viewing place, I heard the laugh & thought I had the crown. My pic came up, riding a rollercoaster, while quietly reading my bible & pondering the mysteries within. The crown didn’t stay on long though.
Todd, last ride of the day, comes up with a pearler as he does his jacket up over his head & comes in “headless horseman” style. It was such an awesome photo!
3: Dodgems. Do I really need to explain the fun of this? One Groom, a dozen guys whose duty it is to pick on him! I am amazed that there were no concussions by the end of the day!
I was really bummed that I had to miss Capt’n Stubing’s 30th that afternoon/evening. Major props to him for taking it well! I was glad that he was so gracious, cause I was so tired by the end of the day, that I returned home, happy, but headachey & ready for bed.
Only a couple more weeks till the wedding. What will I do with all of my Saturdays after that? Sleep and study maybe?


One thought on “Why my quad hurts…

  1. I have said it before and I will say it again, study is over rated. BTW I know exactly what you mean about stressing if your got the wrong time or date or something when your meeting someone, and I like being early too so it can’t be that a bad a thing……. right?

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