What you lookin' at?

The best of intentions have come to naught this week. I’ve been all excited at the idea of writing something proper in a blog, but when it comes to sit before the computer, the well has run dry.
GIve me a week or two to get comfortable with college & then I will get back into the swing. Give me a chance to finish this next essay & I am sure I will find the time! Once I have the semester sorted out for Youth Group, then it will all come back together for me. Maybe once I get myself a lady friend? Or visit Cate & Dan’s new baby? Go up to the Hunter for the weekend, take some photos for a competition, prepare for exams….
The myriad of jobs doesn’t end.
That moment of clarity, that ray of light that peeks out from behind the clouds, that clear space on the cluttered desk of your life is never going to appear. Well, at least not free and clear.
I see what I have to do. Understanding always seems to sidle up and shake your hand at quarter to one in the morning. Maybe he is confident that he, like the perfect retort to that afternoons argument, will be lost on the warmth of bed and the haze of sleep. So this is why I commit it to paper (do I call this paper? What is it? Am I commiting to “Pixels” maybe?).
I’ll forget the myth of clear space and settle for the reality of shuffled papers. Where hours fail me, minutes can be my friends. Make the most of those used and abused little blighters! Each set of sixty seconds is insignificant in himself, but like a Chinese water torture, they do the job if you have the patience.
So there you have it. The motto for semester two is offiially “The minute is my friend”!
I wont promise, cause I hate to brake anything. But I’m going to try & send some minutes your way.
After all, you need an answer to “what you lookin’ at?”


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