You have to marvel don’t you? Sweet symmetry, each petal delicate, exact! It’s art and it is everywhere.
Framing the gardens of well-to-do houses, pushing through cracks in the pavement of run-down apartments. Trees and fields might be the sole domain of the rich, or rural, but sweet (and smellsome) simplicity belongs to anyone with an hours sun & a glass of water to spare.
We sing “ring of rosies” as kids. We obsess about giving, or getting that first rose as a teen, Brides bound down the aisle with them and bodies bear wreaths on their coffins.
They can trigger a million different memories of days gone by, but better than pointing to the past, they point to a perfect creator who can create such an intricate gift, then spread them round in a million different ways, so common that we barely remember to look at them.
There’s your challenge for the day. Stop by a garden. Engage one of your senses, maybe them all. God made it. It’s time to enjoy it!
“Nature is but a name for an effect whose cause if God” — William Cowper.


3 thoughts on “Symmetry

  1. These last two posts have been excellent Tim. I have been picking jonquils and putting them in my kitchen, so everyone can smell them as soon as they come inside.

  2. The beauty of being a D.T, Friday I spent at least 3 hours doing “sensory garden visits”, it was such a great day I couldn’t resist, and it kinda gives the residents new life or something when they sit in the sun for a bit. So there you go.

  3. Brilliant post Tim. Very timely. Makes you think about how we get caught up in all the other stuff and hardly stop to marvel at how awesome God is and how much he has blessed us. Thanks!

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