Busy Daze

Black tie dinners always sound like a great idea when it is just a matter of putting them on paper. The reality of trying to get them organised on the other hand… When all is said and done, however, it was all worthwhile on friday night. 15 or so kids from youth group, 5 excited leaders, a whole lot of decorations & half a dozen helpers under the expert tutelage of Dana, the mother of one of the kids & master of all things edible!
How do you manage to organise something like this for $10 a head? Firstly, have some extra money in reserve. After that, comes a little bit of ingenuity. Shannyn, always a fountain of good ideas, managed to convince the nursing home she works at that they needed helium balloons for their birthday celebration. Of course, they couldn’t be left at the home afterwards, so we had to “look after them” for them. Simone had some left over decorations that she could offer for free. Of course, the kids too excercised their brains, some making the most of op-shops, while others just raided their parents wardrobes for the appropriate clothing.
Good atmosphere, Great food, awesome company!
Lady in Red


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