Pieces of me.

Two of my pics have to do with drinks today. Just coincidence. I’ve just been playing around with everyday things that are around me.

A sunny day & a cool drink of cordial. Sugar isn’t always good though, when you need to concentrate in lectures…

I made a great buy last weekend, when I picked up a bottle of “Angostura Bitters”, some “Bickfords Lime Cordial” and a bottle of Lemonade. Lemon, Lime & Bitters is the most awesome of non-alcoholic drinks! Now all I need is a hi-ball glass!

I was sitting up last night thinking about how you might portray feeling depressed through a picture, but in a different way. This was one of the ideas that I came up with.

This was the other way.


5 thoughts on “Pieces of me.

  1. I really like the hands one Tim. Very Powerful shot. I think if your face was sad or slightly looking off camera then you would have a really powerful picture.

  2. Very effective photos Tim, are you OK? Did you know that Bitters is very alcoholic? Of course there isn’t that much of it in a lemon, lime and bitters.

  3. I like the pic of you holding a pic. I don’t like the implication that you’re depressed. You get to see Charlotte on Saturday – hopefully that’s a little ray of light for you!!

  4. I like the one with the picture in the hands. To me in conveys that the depression is something you’re holding on to, protecting and hiding. A very artistic photo.

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