I love kids!

There are some awesome kids at college. I took a couple of pictures of a couple of them today. I’ve decided that children definately make the best subjects! I am guessing that it could have something to do with a lack of concern for the black metal object that the person infront of them is pointing at them. They are just happy to dribble along in their usual fashion.
Here’s a couple of pics I liked.

Child protection concerns keep me from naming this kid, but I can confirm that when he crawls, he looks like a cat hunting a bird! He even makes little purring-growling noises! Very cool!

Our second entrant has that relaxed look that says “I’ll wait for dad to get a little closer while he changes my nappy before I turn the water-works back on”.
One of the mothers was so happy witha couple of the pictures that I burned for her, that I think I have a subject every monday for the next year!


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