Those were the days my friend

Even tiny little alleys hid pubs in the great city of Prague.

You get an imaginary helicopter if you can guess what this picture is of.


5 thoughts on “Those were the days my friend

  1. This is driving me nuts, Tim! I can’t think of anything that it is….here i sit, at work, staring at my comp. screen for 3 hours…lol, i hope someone guesses pretty soon! 🙂 Hope all is going well over there! I’ve really enjoyed all your pictures lately. Blessings<><

  2. OK so I am thinking a leaf, or a magnification of a wooden splinter that has gone through the top of your thumbnail and you have used a torch as your lighting source…..
    Or maybe it is some sort of material…
    But the fact that it is posted by you and has a picture of a pub above it makes me think that it has someting to do with beer!

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