My minds eye

It’s been another busy weekend. Actually, it is always a busy weekend! Youth group on Friday night & Youth Church on Sunday mornings keep me busy enough in preparation and actual running time. This weekend I also managed to fit in a trip to Lindfield to see my little Bro & Sis-In-Law, and of course my darling Niece, then I headed back home to college before heading out for a night in Leichhardt involving lovely Dinner, expensive beer & initially exciting, but eventually frustrating pool (you can’t win forever!).
You know what, my pictures for today have nothing to do with my weekend. Why should I make it that easy for you?
Keep ’em guessing I say!
So strap yourselves in & don’t forget to click on the pic for a bigger version!

OK, so it’s just a blind. I took the picture while I was shooting some pics for Gerard & Briar’s wedding. I liked it then & for some reason I continue to like it now!

This pic is growing on me too. I just like the idea that they are just a metal band, but they are also a life-long committment.

This is Sydney to me for so many reasons! It is recognition of aboriginal history, and regonition of the harbour icon. It is about the scorching sun on the hot ashphalt, the creeping brown of the grass as it fights the drought, and the itchy green of the buffalo grass that continues to fight the heat and drought in a million front yards throughout the city.
Of course, it could also just be a picture of a gutter….

Some kind of bell-flower. My florist-friend Jody wasn’t sure what it was. What I know it is though, is pretty. If only they could arrange for morning light to make an appearance sometime around noon for me.


2 thoughts on “My minds eye

  1. The flower looks like an “angel trumpet.” Kids here boil the flowers to make a tea, to drink and get high. Because the flowers are so toxic, they not only get high, but are hospitalized…in many cases near death. So please don’t eat the flowers.

  2. It’s amazing how homesick a picture of a gutter can make a girl! You’ve captured Sydney perfectly with this one – it’s beautiful!

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