Killing you with kindness

Two days in a row! This is just craziness! Supposedly there are 3 other broadband networks currently onsite, so the chances of us keeping our one are good. This means maybe, just maybe, I can be more regular.
Another big day of work. Another night mixing work and fun! Tonight we watched “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. What a trip that movie is. I can’t wait to see the remake!
OK, on to a couple of photos.
Click them to see a big version.

Have I already posted this? One of the few people photos I was fairly happy with. N8 at the “Third Day” concert with his Fiance Amy in the foreground.

Not as happy with this shot. Just me killing time in bed.

My gorgeious niece Charlotte, her lovely Godmum Nicola & Me. (photo shot by Phil;)

There are lions everywhere! This one was on a handrail at Carlton Hill in Edinburgh.


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