Brave newe world

It is an exciting time, because a small consortium of guys in my dorm have come together & managed to get broadband access through a wire free provider & get a wifi set-up between our rooms. Good times
In celebration, here are a couple of pics.
As usual, just click on the picture if you want a bigger version.

A little spider at church.

Expectant boys on the eve of Valentines day.

Jeff plays some hot licks!


5 thoughts on “Brave newe world

  1. Great Tim – e-mail me sometime with more news…. how’s the foot? maybe we’ll see you this weekend? – love the piccy of the spider…

  2. Hi Tim,
    Havng trouble commenting on the latest blog! Love the photos and your ingenuity in getting your access to the web.
    Can’t resist the thought as I looked at the photo of you lying on your bed with the recharger plugged into your pate. Does it take long to get fully recharged?
    Love Roger

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