A question of direction

Waiting for a destination…
One of the exciting things about being at SMBC Thursday mornings when we have “Ministry Matters” for an hour. Most weeks we will have a missionary visit & tell us about what they are doing, or as we had today, several missionaries doing several talks, giving us the chance to choose our area of interest.
From what I have been told, the problem is not finding people who are excited about missions. The problem is that people end up excited about everywhere!
Today I went & listened to a gyuy called Richard who has spent the last 30 years working with Aboriginal tribes in far northern Australia. He talked about frustrating labour, and amazing rewards which are experienced when working with a people who at the same time can be very hostile to the gospel & totally humbling when you see the whole-hearted devotion to Christ which is evidenced in the lives of those who have come to know him!
I feel the draw to be able to share with these men & women, separated by culture buy united with me in Christ. What an awesome thing!
Then, I was also excited the other day when hearing about a couple who were heading out to Portugal. I thought about how much I would love to go & work in Scotland, or Mainland Europe, areas with a great gospel tradition, now suffering in areas a drought of evangelical fervour.
What to do? Where to go? So many opportunities! I haven’t even mentioned the choice of staying at St Judes & supporting those awesome kids with whom I have already built relationships?
John Chapman, a bit of a legend in Austarlia as a preacher, is one of my lecturers this year, speaking on the Exegesis of Mark. A throwaway comment he had today was the source of much clarity on the matter.
“Don’t worry about where you will serve him. Worry about HOW you will serve him! After all, he has the whole of the world at His disposal!”
I know that God will use me & that I am being renewed day by day. I can trust that he will deliver me where he wants me to be. More important, is being whole-hearted in your committment to that service.


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