Sometimes I am trying so hard to find all of the nicest of my photos to post, that I forget that part of this blogging process is about learning & trying new things.
I’ve been working on trying to shoot people. It is a real weakness, but I have a lot of opportunity now that I am at college. I thought I would take the opportunity I have, with the combination of a flash-memory card & my ministers computer, to share a couple of pictures that I’ve taken over the last week. Mainly people, with one or two other bits & pieces thrown in.
One thing I have already noticed is that some non-mac screens seem to make my B&W pictures a lot darker than they are on my comp. Appologies for that!
(Constructive) criticism is always appreciated!

Convalescing is always nicest when it is done outdoors!

Great theological truth? Yes! Great theological T-shirt? You decide!

Jody keeps laughing & chatting, choosing to ignore the occasional shutter-sounds coming from the camera in my lap. “no-look” shots are always fun!

I admit it! I had to look it up before I could spell Ukulele properly!

It must have been a good joke!

I took this shot for Ken loves the 5:1 verse. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me which book of the Bible it is from!


4 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. Each picture here exhibits some intriguing, amusing, neat satisfaction.
    Actually – that sentence isn’t a great one, but it does contain the answer to the bonus points question. (*first letter of each word)
    I really like the pictures. I think I would be interested to see them be a little sharper. Or try to mess around and get the really sharp center with the slightly out of focus surrounding. But they really are great.

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