Plugging away

It’s hard work. Most of it is fascinating, all of it is challenging, and one subject is, frankly, frustrating!
College has kicked into gear. My first full week & I have already missed two lectures. It wasn’t my choice. Instead, I spent 5+ hour sitting in different parts of Cocord Hospital, waiting for the doctor, waiting for the X-ray’s, waiting for the same doctor again, then waiting for a Physio. Finally, after waiting for the fibreglass to dry on my new walking cast, I made it back to the second half of my big thursday.
On the whole leg front, it appears to be healing well. I have a walking cast now, so I can start to put a little weight on the leg. In the mean time, I could get used to having meals brought to me, chaufers driving meand the girls showering pity on me.
For those who are looking for some photos. They will be coming soon. Believe me, I haven’t stopped taking them, though my current lack of mobility has shifted my style from “roving reporter” to “rear window”. I still don’t have internet access at college, so that means I have to visit my bro to post pics.
So what do I do with my spare time at the moment?
Study: Greek is the main source of stress, though there are 8 different subjects for me to work on this semester.
Reading: Ok, this is part of study, but a lot of it is also fun. I think I am also going to try & read at least one book just to make me happy. My current reading list is as follows.
Gospel and Kingdom by Goldsworthy (A great work on Biblical Theolgy)
Concise Theology by J.I. Packer (Man, packer is the bomb!)
Biblical Preaching by Robinson (I kind of wish I boug the Martin Lloyd-Jones book instead, but this will do)
Church History in Plain Language by Shelley. (pretty good so far. I am looking forward to the rest of this one.
Introduction to Biblical Greek by Black (It’s a love/hate relationship)
God in the Dock by C.S. Lewis. (This is my fun reading at the moment. I really love C.S. Lewis & this collection of essays revolving around ethics, morality and theology is AWESOME! It is so much cooler than it sounds too!)
There are other bits & pieces of stuff that I have to read too. A couple of articles on things & sooner or later I will have to start some prep for essays. I hope you understand; those that live in Sydney that is, if I tell you that I don’t have enough spare time to hang out too much.
Games I LOVE risk. I have played it twice since I got to college & have been soundly beaten both times. I’m improving though, and it is only a matter of time. The world will be mine!
Just hanging out: The guys in my dorm are cool. We all went & had a beer last night at the Croydon Park Hotel. The girls who live on campus are cool too! Everyone hangs out a fair bit at the moment, but we all know how busy we are, so invariably we all get drawn back to the books.
So, here I am again, back at my church, ready for another awesome Youth Group! It’s busy, but it is all good!
In the mean time, I do have some basic email access on occasion at college, so I would love to hear from any and everyone who reads the blog on occasion. Words of encouragement, pleas for more pictures, suggestions for pictures! I’d love to hear it all. It makes you feel like people are thinking of you, when you are too busy to actually spend the kind of time you would like to with them! Just send them to tim at
Man, I never know how to finish a blog. How about you just try & think of something that you find meaningful & pretend I finished with it here.


3 thoughts on “Plugging away

  1. You certainly have been keeping busy! I have a look at your blog from time to time & was sorry to read about your foot! It was a very entertaining post though 🙂
    I am doing well & starting to feel more settled here in Reims, France. I’m off to UK tomorrow for a week to see some family which will be nice. Please keep taking and posting photos, especially of our darling Goddaughter Charlotte – I can’t believe she is crawling now! I too have started a blog so feel free to have a look & keep up to date with my news. Take care & good luck with the study/reading/risk-playing (I love that game too!). Love Nicola

  2. Sounds like college is awesome. Disappointing to see a serious Spurgeon shortage on the reading list, but I’ll forgive you – for now. Risk (which is gold by the way)is about holding continents, Africa is good but my fav is South America (few entry spots, not too many countries to hold and a fair amount of points).
    Go well and I look forward to reading of your adventures from a very Old Blighty.

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