Late Breaking News (Pun intended)

It is 4:15pm, Tim strides onto the oval for a game of Tip footy. I (changing for no apparent reason from third person to first person) walk gingerly for a few paces as I get used to the new brace I bought for my bad ankle.
The game starts, the pace is frenetic, but the enjoyment level is high. Half-time is spent helping some guy push a car up onto a trailer. Just the kind of thing that a dozen or so Bible college students do in their spare time.
Early in the second half, I cruise over the line for my second try. It is nice to score, knowing that I am no longer the fastest guy on the field. A minute later, I find a gap in the defence and I am streaming down the sideline, looking for try NO.3, but knowing I will get caught by a particularly fast defender. My brace is doing a good job of protecting my ankle.
If only it did as good a job for the bones in my foot.
So, there I am, running hell-for-leather, when I hear a popping noise. I slow up, pass off the ball & then sit down to check out my foot. It hurts. 5 minutes later, Sam, a lecturer at college, and a doctor to boot, confirms that it hurts (doctors have a way of doing this with their enthusiastic examinations) and tells me that if it is still giving me grief in 24 hours, that I should get it X-rayed.
27 hours later. I’m sitting in my ministers office. I have just been to the medical center & they confirmed a nice looking little fracture in my 5th Metatarsel. I should have a cast on, but I’ll wait till tomorrow, so I can get my car back to College.
Some people go through their lives having never broken anything. They often ask me how I manage to be so successful at it. I till them “once you get the hang of it, it’s a snap!”


4 thoughts on “Late Breaking News (Pun intended)

  1. crap news Timbo, hope you’re not out of action for too long.
    ps. Would love to see more of your photos – how about posting some more over on your (dormant) flickr account? how about it?

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