Exciting things

I have written about how cool my brother Phil is before, but I have to do it at least this one more time!
When I used to live with my parents, the room I slept in had a Norman Rockwell painting in it, and every morning when I opened my eyes, I could look above me & be gazing at “Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas”.
Of course you can’t live at home forever & parents who are willing to let you keep your bed usually draw the line at you taking the art of the walls.
Cut to 5 or so years later. I am still in Scotland, and my brother is together with the rest of the fam trying to think of a birthday/Christmas present, when Phil remembers my love of the print. A couple of months later, Tim arrives home, just in time to get the newly framed print that Phil (with the generous support of the rest of the family) tracked down all the way in the states & then had sent over to Australia for me.
The long and the short of it being, when I move into college at SMBC, I get to take a bit of home with me.

Phil & my print!
I also have a new love, in the form of a Silver Chrysler PT Cruiser. It is a pretty awesome car, very “Tim” in its very different style. I could write more about it, but my excitement of it is curbed by the enthusiasm I have for a gift like Phil’s which is both awesome and mind-numbingly thoughtful. Love your work Boffo!

The PT (whose beauty pales in comparison with the little beauty you can see Phil holding on the left)


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