Casual & comfortable

I have always maintained that the real love that I am looking for is less about intense passion & more about an enduring ease & comfort which is felt when you are around your beloved. Less of a craving for a person & more of a feeling that they are part of you, that it is just natural that your hands should gravitate toward each other. This is why I love to see my close friends, as they find people they love, express themselves in their casual comfort.
I really like these pics of N8 & his girlfriend Amy, because N8 is not always a ‘contact’ person, so when he looks so comfortable as Amy whispers something to him in a loud pub, that makes me feel happy for him.

Chatting between songs.

Casual comfort


One thought on “Casual & comfortable

  1. ERM can you post something less mushy! and where are the pictures you said you would send me…hello Tim the friendship…come on now we are friends – right?

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